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How Can Incubator Help?

Gain a Mentorship www.yundiandi.cn东京一本一道一二三区 www.yundiandi.cn
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www.yundiandi.cn 2020-04-13 and Accountability Partner To Fuse Your Creative Talents and Ministry Vision Into a Sustainable Part-time or Full-time Music Calling

Free Help

Incubator is your resource for high-value free content to grow your music ministry calling. More than a quarter century of history as a company allows Incubator to give back to the Christian music community. Apply for a free ongoing mentorship and get priority access to new modules as they become available.

Online Mentoring Modules

If you like the complimentary resources on this website, you will LOVE our paid products. The modules are cheaper than hourly music lessons and much less expensive than ignorance! The in-depth online interactive modules contain unique wisdom you won't find anywhere else.

Artist Development

Get help with funding, ministry growth, artist development and management, booking, marketing, production of front end and back end products, and much more. As an Incubator artist, you are in relationship with an accountability partner to fuse your creative talents and ministry vision into a part-time or full-time ministry calling.

Free Online Mentoring Modules

Complimentary... just click the media icons to play! Experience them all right here, right now (29+ minutes in all)

Mini-Module #2

Just One Little Letter Makes All The Difference: Avoid the biggest hidden pitfall in efforts to start, grow, or expand a Christian music ministry. This one simple discovery can save you countless hours of frustration, redirect thousands of dollars, and shave years off the development process.

Mini-Module #3

Do You Suffer From The Crowd Virus? The crowd virus is deadly. Many performers have it and don't even know. Learn how you can have deep and meaningful impact in the lives of individuals through your creative talents instead of serving crowds. Nate Sakany shares the little secret to big success for a music calling.

Mini-Module #4

Do You Know Who Shot CCM? Get the inside scoop on the death of contemporary Christian music (CCM) and the shocking news about how it really happened. You will also hear about life as a Music Ministry Entrepreneur and how it provides a new way to share the gospel through creative and relevant music.

Mini-Module #5

How To Get Help With Your Music Ministry Puzzle: Clear the cobwebs in your mind and gain clarity for how to grow your Christian music ministry. Learn four revolutionary principles for getting the help you need to be successful in Christian music. The content may be shocking, but the common sense will shine through as Nate explains it.

Mini-Module #6

How To Make Obscurity Work For You: Is it possible to have a successful part-time or full-time independent music ministry and remain an 'unknown'? Learn about a fundamental concept that has propelled Incubator to success over a quarter of a century and how it can be applied to your own music ministry adventure.

Mini-Module #7

How To Stay Connected To Incubator: The two biggest questions everyone has after reviewing this website... "How much does it cost to work with Incubator?" and "How can I be a part?". Get the answers in this 3 ½ minute media session that will show you how to keep the mentorship flowing!

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Find Success In Your Music Ministry Calling

Follow these simple steps to get help on your journey...

  • STEP #1

    Get a complimentary 29-minute online music ministry mentorship, right here, right now, on this website!

    Just follow the trail of media player icons scattered across this website and experience a series of high value online sessions. Each mini-module is 4 to 11 minutes in length. Listen to them all for more than 29 minutes of help. Be sure to complete the feedback form below each media player to let us get to know you and your ministry.

  • STEP #2

    Request A Free Mentorship

    If you like what you experience on this website, you can get lots more! Whenever you complete a feedback form after listening to one of the sessions (below the media players), tell us your thoughts. This will qualify you for a free ongoing mentorship with Incubator and you will have priority access to all the new complimentary content we release. Remember, the more feedback forms you complete, the better we get to know you!

  • STEP #3

    Check Out The Featured Online Mentorship Module

    Incubator's complimentary online mini-modules (above) give you a taste of the deeper stuff you will find in our regular online mentoring modules. Artists who like Incubator's complimentary resources, become raving fans of paid products. Each online module is an interactive mentorship providing in-depth content to grow your music calling. The featured module will also include one or more bonus modules providing you with several hours of online interaction.

  • STEP #4

    Audition With Incubator

    If you would like one-on-one help with funding and growing your music calling, audition with Incubator. Our Application Process lays a foundation for you to generate all the capital to launch and/or expand your ministry (your work with Incubator can pay for itself as you grow your ministry). Incubator provides a full range of support services to artists including start up funding, ministry management, complete artist development, songwriting & creativity, stage performance, front end and back end products, promotion and marketing, booking, and much more. You can find out more about the Incubator Application Process after you qualify for a free mentorship or purchase any online mentorship module.

  • STEP #5

    Never Quit!

    "On the Plains of Hesitation bleach the bones of countless millions, who, at the Dawn of Victory, sat down to wait, and while waiting — died" (George W. Cecil). The two biggest secrets to success in music ministry are first, get started and second, never quit. The journey can be long with many challenges and a constant temptation to quit. Let Incubator be your partner to keep you encouraged and moving forward.

Featured Online Mentorship Module

How To Define, Develop, and Deploy Your Creative Ministry

Click For Information

Don't just work hard at building your ministry, work smart too. Discover An Empowering Definition of Creative Ministry (and the shocking opposite mindset that holds you back). Learn The Three Cycles Of Growing Your Ministry and why understanding each is crucial to your success. Includes The Most Common Mistakes Emerging Ministries Make (and what you should do instead) and The Five Focus Points For Building A Loyal Following. Understand more about the little known concept of back end products in addition to the more common front end products. The session wraps with Five Tips For Maximizing Your Growth and how to begin to apply them immediately. This module is one of Incubator's most popular!

Add To Cart

Only $39 (save $20). Includes the bonus package, The Non-Nashville Blueprint: An Alternate Framework For Sustainable Part-time or Full-time Christian Music Ministry. It's over six hours of practical online interaction and training in all. Just click the Add To Cart button above to get started immediately.

Tami Rowbotham

Vice President, A/R

Contact Tami on social media and tell her about your experience on this website. She might just have a nice little surprise for you!

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7 Secrets To A Successful Independent Christian Music Ministry

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